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What is covered with Simple Snap + Screen Guarantee?

Simple Snap+ covers against accidental damage to your device screen (Screen breakage, or material damage to the screen. Excludes INTENTIONAL or EXCESSIVE accidents (i.e but not limited to Phone being run over/dropped from height above 15ft.)

What is not covered with Simple Snap + Screen Guarantee?

Excessive or intentional physical damage to the device will result in a disqualified claim.

When will my coverage begin with Simple Snap + Screen Guarantee?

You must register your device within 14-days of purchase for coverage to become effective. Once registered, coverage begins 30 days after purchase date.  If your phone breaks within 30 days of purchasing Simple Snap + your claim will be automatically denied regardless of reason for the accident.

What information will I need to register my Simple Snap+ Screen Protector?

  • Your Unique Personal Registration Number (located inside purchased packaging)
  • Proof of Purchase (sales receipt)
  • Some Information about your device (IMEI, make, model etc.)

How do I file a Simple Snap+ claim?

Are there restrictions on where I can get my Simple Snap+ screen repaired?

You must go to a registered business to get your device repaired.  They must be able to provide a valid printed receipt (No Hand Written Receipts accepted) with 

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Device Repair Line item with Price
  • IMEI/Serial# of the device being repaired

Where do I upload my Simple Snap+ receipt when my repair is complete?

How many Simple Snap+ claims can I make?

You can make one claim with each Simple Snap+ Screen Protector purchased within 1 year of the purchase date.

What do I do if my Simple Snap+ Tempered Glass protector breaks but my device screen is undamaged?

If you need a replacement for your Tempered Glass screen protector you can file a claim at